Monday, November 5, 2012

Craft Fair Organization


Just finished my first craft show for the holiday season of 2012 in Dickson, TN and it was fairly good for me.  I think the turnout for people this year was larger than last year which was surprising for me.  Every year I take M&M treats for the holidays and carrying them around in my plastic container was messy and ended up sorting and re-sorting all the time.  This year, I came up with an idea and my wonderful husband helped me do it...and it worked out wonderful.  I had already bought plastic containers from the Dollar General Store so I went to our local hobby store, and bought a piece of foam poster board.  My husband then measured the container insides and cut the pieces.  We attached the pieces to the container with hot glue.  (Don't you know hot glue and duct tape fix anything! :)  Well, it really does~!  It made sorting out and in at the craft fair so nice, and kept the tags nice and neat.  Plus, you gain the added height in the space so you can carry more and make the most of your space.  Hope this idea helps some of you transport your items neatly so all your hard work stays pretty and clean for your customers. 

This weekend I will be at the United Methodist Church on  Saturday in Clarksville TN  Drop by and see us!

The 1x8 bags can be purchased in my store at


  1. What a great idea! Looks like it worked out perfectly!!

  2. This is such an Awesome IDEA. LOVE It!

  3. great idea