Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Layering Lessons Continue

Vinyl Layering

Well, good morning everyone (at least it's morning where I am) hope this post finds you doing well and being creative.  I wish I had more time to do so myself.  If the daily "job" (real work) didn't get in the way we could do so much more.  The exploration of vinyl with the new Cameo machine is still ongoing.  Everyday I learn something new, or some new trick, but boy do I have a long way to go.  Here are a few of my newest gifts (good to have family and friends that don't mind being the guinea pig for my projects and their little flaws) The items below are licensed and cannot be sold but were done as gifts so that is ok...
Then I did a few for my cousin and her husband

I hope you are enjoying your craft time...let me know if you need anything. Visit my store at Creative Cutters Corner .



  1. Wow awesome job on the layering

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