Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Rose Wreath


So excited, it's finally done!  Everyday for the past few weeks, I have been doing something or the other to this newest project.  Tweek here, tweek there. Finally added the last little tweek last night for the special lady that bought this wreath Sunday.  I used the Cricut Art Philosophy cartridge for the roses, tons and tons of cutting, rolling (thanks to my husband and daughter), spraying, spraying, gluing, gluing...I told my daughter it is kind of like putting a puzzle together. Have to place each rose so that the ribbon and wreath underneath it didn't show.  I will be taking orders for this if you want one, let me know via email to creativecutterscorner@yahoo.com or comment on this blog and I'll get back to you with info as soon as I can. 

So here goes the project.....

This is the final project close up 

Close up of butterfly #1

Close up of buttefly #2

Roses after rolling but before gluing

Roses after gluing

Spray glitter #1, then Spray clear Coating #2

I learned alot from doing this wreath, what to do first, what to do easier...it was fun and challenging at the same time.  Thanks to a FB friend, Kate for the inspiration.  I don't like the colors on mine as well as hers, but used what I could find.  Desparately wanted to use fall colors, but double sided fall cardstock is not easy to find. Guess I should have ordered that paper I saw from Stampin Up...(oh wait, think I will :) 

Have a blessed day and I hope you enjoy looking at this project.  Please take a moment to comment and join as a follower if you haven't already.


  1. How much did you sell this for? It looks like A LOT of work.

    1. This one I sold for $45 because it was a friend that bought it. If you are interested email me at creativecutterscorner@yahoo.com Prices vary depending on paper pack picked, and details.

  2. Are you kidding me with this Carolyn? You don't like the color seriously. This is Absolutely BREATHTAKING. I just love it to pieces the details are just amazing love the pearls. I just love everything about it this wreath. This is what you would call Perfection. Thanks for sharing your creation my friend.

    1. Thanks Kate, it was truly a learning experience.

  3. Wow!!! Stunning :) Absoultly breath taking!!! What a great project!!

  4. This is beautiful!!! I think you have inspired me to make one! Thank you!

    Kim :)

  5. WOW! this is beautiful