Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Vinyl Bucket

Easter Vinyl Buckets

This weekend was a mixture of weather in my area of the woods, Saturday was cloudy and temperature wise, ok...Sunday was cloudy and 45 when we got up for church then by noon it was 43 and hail...yep, hail...then a torrent of rain. Today is snow, cold and windy. I think the groundhog was just angry someone woke him up so he gave us false hope.

On to the projects....I made my great niece and nephew Easter buckets.  I wish the buckets had smooth edges, and you would think that would be easy to find, but it's not.  I am still happy with how they came out though. 

Supplies:  Oracal outdoor vinyl, transfer tape, Cricut cartridges, Hello Kitty, Alphalicious, Plantain Schoolbook, Elegant Edges, Mickey  and  Friends, and my Cricut cutting machine.

My little niece loves Hello Kitty so of course that is what hers was...

My little nephew is still quite young and not into sports yet, so I had a choice between trucks, cars, and dinosaurs. So I choice trucks.  His has 6 different colors of trucks and dots...

A few more Easter posts to come...if I had more time, it would be scary...all these ideas and not enough time to do it all.

Happy Crafting...

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  1. you did a great job on these